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Quite often after your successful donation I quickly return the good deed by giving you tokens of appreciation. These tokens are of course in your prerogative whether to accept or decline. If you decide to accept the tokens it is understood that you agree with the included Terms and Conditions of Use; These tokens are totally free after your donation and should only be for your own personal use – therefore selling, distribution and publishing are prohibited and an offense. These tokens come in a package comprising one or all of the following (info on when and how to download tokens):

1. Repertoire eBook - Don't know what sequence of move is effective to follow? No need to worry -I have already done the work for you to find the best sequence of moves, and I have put it all here in this ebook.  This ebook is from my "home brewed" opening variation analysis relevant to the posted article. The analysis is of course deeper than the one shown in the article. The repertoire is computer checked and is appropriately annotated to hopefully help you more understand the ideas behind each move (see figures 1 and 2 below). This eBook requires a “reader” software which you can upload from another website which is also totally free (info included in the tokens package).

2. Games Collection – is a collection of games in pgn format which are relevant to the posted opening variation article (see figure 3 below). The intention is to supplement your study with relevant ideas from actual games tackling the posted opening variation. This file can also be read by the “reader” software stated above.

3. Finds Item- is about discovered chess tools and freebies (found at the time) from the internet like chess engines, eBooks’, articles, softwares and etc’s. (see figure 4 below) Note that this is not available as often as the other two above.

Tokens of Appreciation: (Click images to enlarge)

Figure 1: Repertoire eBook

Figure 2: Repertoire eBook in Action

Figure 3: PGN Games Specific to a Position

Figure 4: Discovered Chess Stuffs
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Give and You Shall Receive...

Give and You Shall Receive...
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