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1. Soon after your successful donation a download dialogue box will pop up like below. So before you donate, make sure that your pop-up blocker is temporarily turned off.

2. Press the “save” button then browse to the folder you want the compressed file to be saved.

3. When download process is complete, press “open folder” like below:

4. To be sure that the files don’t have viruses, right click on the downloaded compressed file. Click “scan for viruses” like below:

5. If no virus was found, right click on the file again but this time click on "extract all files" in the same folder.

6. After extraction has completed, open the “thank you” file. There you can read the next detailed instructions for you to be able to use the extracted files. You can also read there where to get the mentioned reader software for free. The “thank you” file is in .pdf format therefore you might want to download and install the free Adobe Reader from

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