Welcome to MyChessPet.com!

This blog is about chess, in particular about the Sicilian Dragon defence and the related defences such as Accelerated Dragon and Hyper Accelerated Dragon.

This blog hopes to be an important resource to learn the systems and discover novelties to keep the Sicilian Dragon always as dangerous against all 1.e4 attacking systems. The blog also aims to provide readers with tools such as chess repertoire ebook and annotated games to help them learn to play the Sicilian Dragon and the related systems.

You can email me thru chessmagic5@chess.com if you are:

1. a strong dragoneer and would like to join me as author
2. an enthusiast who wants to share related chess ideas
3. a learner who wants to ask related questions


Welcome to MyChessPet.com !

Please note!

This blog uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves.
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It also uses Chess Viewer Deluxe to illustrate games.
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A new chess move or idea is only effective if it hasn't reached your opponents yet.

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Give and You Shall Receive...
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