Hi there, chess fans.

Please bear with me while I try to improve features and add more contents to this blog. Ofcourse the intention is to make your reading here a more interesting and pleasant experience.

I have two goals for this stage of improvement and setting up. These are the following:
  1. To write bulk topics and post them all in one wave. I am intending to write atleast 10 articles before I will start prompting new readers like yourself to visit again this blog. These articles I intend to include related repertoire ebooks to make the learning of the systems more suiting and easier.
  2. To modify the current theme and/or page layout. Basically I want the blog to be as presentable as it can be.
One of the primary goal is to only post articles that tackle opening systems for learning and discussion. I will try to avoid posting unrelated topics such as my social life and issues :-)

As a final note, I encourage you now to bookmark this blog of mine so you will be kept posted of the developments especially of official launch of this blog.

Thank you very much for the understanding and support.

~ chessmagic5


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