The Spirit of Giving

Some people donate to help the needy, some to express support and some to satisfy their sense of purpose. But most of them donate because they are just simply wonderful kindred spirits who's happiness is with sharing their blessings.

The Cause
Your donation will not only benefit me but also other people. Just last March of this year I was laid off from work because of the Global Economic Crisis. Job placement in my industry has become very hard because of the increased competition from other professionals who also suffered the same fate. As a result, my cash flow at the moment is not doing so good, and so my family and people I help feels the pinch in their pockets too. We can only make do of what is available and as much as I don't want to feel unsettled with bills to pay, it would be nice not to even worry at having and enjoying a nice cup of coffee whenever I feel like blogging my worries off.

Donate only if you can smile.

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Give and You Shall Receive...

Give and You Shall Receive...
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