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In this post a yet another instructive sampler game on my new pet opening the Hyper Accelerated Dragon.

Why play the Hyper Accelerated Dragon? I personally like it because it is a low maintenance opening, unlike the Classical Dragon which demands a lot of theoretical study and updating. The Hyper Accelerated Dragon has quite a crafty move-order that often bust e4 players who wrongly treat it as a regular Classical Dragon. The Yugoslav Attack doesn't really work against the Hyper Accelerated Dragon.

Having the Classical Dragon in my repertoire for years I was able to appreciate the potential of the Hyper Accelerated Dragon. I was able to compare black's king safety on both openings and personally concluded that the black king in the Hyper Accelerated Dragon is very much safer because it is not as exposed to immediate attacks early in the opening, especially in the Yugoslav Attack. I also noticed that the play is not so razor sharp which makes the game more on the positional side. This is really good according to many GM's who believes that strategical play is better than route memorization to a learning chess player like myself.

So is the Hyper Accelerated Dragon an ultimate defense to 1.e4? After only having played it a few times I have to admit that I am slightly annoyed to reach the Maroczy Bind position (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 g6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.c4). I sense that in the Maroczy Bind black's chances to play for a win diminishes quite substantially as compared to the Classical Dragon. But this does not mean the chances to equalise has become futile. Theoretically, black in the Maroczy Bind has already a draw at hand but he must be willing to sit down toiling from a disadvantaged or comparatively difficult position. Black actually has very good chances to win if white over extends himself. The Maroczy Bind positions are very positional and quite dull that most 1.e4 players dont find it attractive to play anyway. And I have to say, since playing the Hyper Accelerated Dragon, it's still a very rare occasion for me to face the Maroczy Bind.

In fact, the following game of mine against a 2000+ rated player saw declining the chance to go for a Maroczy Bind. In our previous game he opted for the early 4.Qxd4 and lost (see previous blog post for details). This time he went for the Bc4-Bb3 idea instead and found out that black is still winning. Let's have a look and find out what happened (note sub analysis on the movelist pane for better understanding of the position):

How to view games using Chess Viewer Deluxe

As we saw, black seems to be doing OK against the mainline Bc4. We also notice that the endgame is just favourable for black which makes simplification very logical.

There you go. I hope that you have learned something from this post and may encourage you to consider this system as part of your repertoire. For relevant reading materials on Dragon systems just click HERE.

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