I'd like to show here an online game of mine where I experimented on a new way to play the opening. This is to illustrate that Black in the Accelerated Dragon do indeed can sometimes afford to be creative.

In my experience most White players don't choose to play the Maroczy Bind because the resulting positions require tedious positional play -which is almost a bad thing for 1.e4 players who are more looking to play aggressive tactical positions (a good news for Black!). Another reason is that current theory shows that Black can hold the position and can even win! That's why in my next blog post I want to show some analysis and games on the Maroczy Bind and hopefully convince you that there is nothing to fear as Black. Therefore I'd like to remind you from here to subscribe to my blog so you won't miss out the chance to be notified as early as possible.

Experience has also shown me that quite a number of White players blindly choose an early Nxc6 like the game I am showing below.

How to view games using Chess Viewer Deluxe

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I am very open for comments and suggestions so I can make your visit here more enjoyable each time.

So what do you think? To be a dragoneer is cool yeah? :-)

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